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Check out some of our reviews from loyal clients. We make sure to provide the best service to your home. Giving that comfortable and outstanding look that your family deserves!
" Karpet Keepers are amazing! The appointment was easy to schedule and was right on time. I had my entire house done as well as the couch, chair and ottoman for far less than others quoted. I am so pleased with the results! Quick and friendly service. Highly recommend! "
- shanj4004, 10/14/2014

" I have used Karpet Keepers for years and highly recommend them. My carpets are very well lived in and I have to have them professionally cleaned at least once each year. I've used another service before but found Karpet Keepers to be less expensive and much more pleasant to work with. Great customer service! Father and son team. They show up on time, they charge the price that was quoted, and they clean the carpets to my satisfaction. "
- anonymous, 10/31/2012
Give Karpet keepers a call today for any questions that you have at 847-931-4025.